About Us

Our mission is to create the most healthful Kombucha made with the most best ingredients possible. We brew and bottle each batch by hand surrounded by our beautiful farm to create the most beneficial kombucha possible.

Meet The Team

Johnathan and Dominique Shrader

Louisville natives Johnathan and Dominique Shrader are very excited to bring production of Kentucky Kombucha to the Shelby Park neighborhood in their hometown. Johnathan holds a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from Purdue University, as well as a Bachelor’s in Brewing from Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. He spent several years brewing beer professionally in South Florida, and is highly experienced in working with yeast and bacteria cultures to develop unique flavors. Dominique holds a Bachelor’s in journalism from Northwestern University and brings experience in small business management as well as a passion for kombucha to the business. Johnathan and Dominique look to maintain the core mission of producing an authentic, high quality product intrinsic to the brand while exploring original flavor profiles.

Original owners Ali and Paul began Kentucky Kombucha out of their dream to share a love for home brew kombucha with the Kentuckiana community. Developing original recipes, they started sampling their brews at the farmers’ market alongside their fresh organically farmed products. Their kombucha creations were so well received that they put their multitudes of SCOBYs to work on a wider scale. Always maintaining a commitment to organic, unfiltered offerings, Paul and Ali nurtured Kentucky Kombucha’s growth to provide a range of flavors to over 100 retailers throughout Kentucky and surrounding states. After receiving an incredible opportunity in Maui, Ali and Paul retain a percentage of ownership, and continue to provide assistance and insight as a new chapter begins for Kentucky Kombucha.

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